DDTI Documentation

Layer Visibilities

Layer visibilities allow you to turn on and off certain layers. One of the things that makes Online Auditor's map different than many online maps (like Google Maps) is the ability to dynamically turn on and off layers. Some layers aren't turned on by default. In the example below, the Soils, Drainage, and Voting Precincts are all off by default. To toggle the layer visibility, click the checkbox in the front of the layer's name.

Steps to toggle a layer's visibility:

  • Click the checkbox that corresponds to the layer whose visibility you want to toggle.


  • Some layers' visibilities are scale dependent. You cannot manage the visibilities of these layers until you are within the visible extent of the layer. In the example above, the Parcels layer is scale dependent. The checkbox is disabled because the map is not zoomed to an extent at which the layer can be visible.